So I Slept Through Innings 2-7…

But at least I woke back up in time to see what really mattered!

Great story from rookie Brandon Moss after the game. He didn’t find out he was going to be starting until 3 minutes before the starting lineups were announced to the crowd! Maybe not being able to think about things kept his head clear for that big home run in the 9th.

Both closers, Huston Street and Jonathan Papelbon, looked rusty, which tends to happen early in the season. I don’t know if I’d be talking so much about getting paid as our favorite dancer has been lately until he gets a few solid saves under his belt this year.

Hopefully, I’ll get to bed early tonight and make it through the entire game tomorrow!

And to you DirecTV and Comcast customers who got no signal this morning, it appears to be a problem with a satellite transponder. It also appears that only standard definition viewers missed out (I watched on DirecTV HD and had no problems, and I’ve heard the same from many others). From what I gather, they are working extra hard (hmmm) to make sure tomorrow goes off without a hitch.



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