Brian McNamee Comes To Town

Roger Clemens’ former trainer Brian McNamee today made his first public appearance since testifying before Congress last month, and he made it , in of all places, Everett. Why Everett? He’s a good friend of the owner of Everett’s American Nutrition Center.

McNamee was talking to a small (about 12) select (personal invitation only, so there wouldn’t be any questions that would make him uneasy) group of students, trainers, and friends (mostly friends).

McNamee talked about getting a second chance and this was his first step to that end. McNamee also talked to the audience about learning from his mistakes, admitting them without specifically referring to his involvement in baseball’s steroids scandal.

He attempted to offer some well meaning advice of not trusting too many people except for your family. I guess he takes that from personal experience.

McNamee then backed out of a pre-arranged interview with us because he was afraid that the New York tabloid newspapers would find out about it and criticize him so harshly that his three kids wouldn’t be able to deal with it. I think he has bigger issues to deal with than worrying about what is written about him.



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