Oh, What Could Have Been

Remember how excited Celtics fans were at getting the #1 pick in the draft and grabbing THE Ohio State center Greg Oden?

Well, the ping pong balls didn’t fall our way, Oden went to Portland, the Celtics ended up with Allen and Garnett, and the rest is history.

But the story of Greg Oden continues to intrigue. The top pick had to go under the knife almost immediately for very serious microfracture knee surgery.

His recovery is coming along, and he’s on target to return next year. But… there’s a problem. The not-too-bright Oden was caught playing pickup basketball at a Portland-area gym Wednesday night.

Of course, one of the participants immediately went home and blogged about it, and word quickly got back to Blazers management, who were none too happy with Mr. Oden.

Pickup basketball is one of the great no-nos in just about every professional athlete’s contract (right, Aaron Boone?). It’s even more ridiculous when you consider the injury Oden is coming back from, and how many millions he put on the line just to post up 5’9″ Joe Blow a few times.

I can’t believe the guys Oden tried to run with didn’t call the Portland television stations. If he had showed up at my Wednesday night game in Newton, I would have abandoned the low post immediately and called my crew.



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