Daisuke To Win 20

I am just trying to counter the pessimists in our office (and in yours) concerning the Dice-man. I wrote on our website (with accompanying slide show, what? you missed it?) a week ago that Daisuke is ready to take the next step and I think last night proved that.

I know it was only the Oakland A’s that Daisuke and the Red Sox were facing, but did you notice that he didn’t walk a batter!  Do you know how many times that happened last year? Just 4 times.

So you say but what about last week’s 1st outing in Japan when he gave up 5 walks? Let’s give the guy a little bit of a break for the nervousness he must have been feeling for pitching in front of his  countrymen. Yes, professionally athletes still get nervous and last week’s opener in Japan was a once in a lifetime experience (to which all of Daisuke’s teammates say, thank goodness).

So what will Jon Lester do this afternoon in his 2nd outing after last week’s shaky performance? I’m not so confident in that but I do expect the Red Sox bats to get untracked and not be quite so quiet as they were last night and last week when they faced the A’s Rich Harden.

-Mike Dowling


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