Buckner Returns to Ovation

All of this hype about the Red Sox finally returning home as well as the presentation of the World Championship Rings, but both of those took a back seat to one of the most infamous players in Red Sox history-Bill Buckner, who threw out todays 1st pitch to a standing ovation.

A month and half ago Buckner was asked to throw out todays 1st pitch but he refused. After a few weeks he thought twice about it and said today that he prayed about it and decided that it was time to come back, and today he was rewarded for making that decision with a rousing emotional filled ovation as he walked in from left field.

It’s time to put away 1986, for good. Let it go already-the Red Sox have won 2 World Titles in the last 4  years and Bill Buckner was a very good major league baseball player for nearly 20 years who happened to make an error in a critical world series game, game 6 mind you . His Error did not cost the Red Sox the World Series. The only real error involved with the play was the error in judgement people have made over the years blaming it on Buckner. Move on, Bill Buckner has, thanks in large part to todays event, an event that will never be forgotten by the 40,000 people who witnessed it first hand.

-Mike Dowling


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