Red Sox-Yankees Too Early

I arrived at Fenway this afternoon at about 3:45 so it might not surpirse you if I tell you that there was not much of a buzz around the park. It would not surprise you unless you have ever been around Fenway the day of a game with the Yankees. There is always a buzz around the Park before a Yankee game, no matter how early you arrive.

I went outside the park a number of times before the game started and -still, no buzz. The greatest rivalry in sports and no buzz? True. Sad-not really, but true.

It’s just too early in the season (AND too cold) to get too excited about a game with the Yankees. It certainly does not help that both teams are just 5 and 5 (and hence, tied in the standings), and that Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon were not in the lineup, but it is just too early in the season to muster up the type of enthusiasm this rivalry deserves.

Maybe if the Red Sox were pounding the Yanks, the excitement (at least the satisfaction) level would increase, but with Chien Ming Wang silencing the Red Sox bats the buzz has remained muted ( Ortiz 3-39?). NEVER would I think that such a day or game could exist, but it is happening before my very eyes. ….So what’s the score of the Celtics game? (By the way, as the Red Sox are about to drop below .500 for the 2nd time this season, the Celtics have never been below .500 the entire season) Maybe that’s the reason there’s no buzz at Fenway – New England sports fans are looking forward to their 1st really meaningful NBA playoff season in years . Tough to focus on more than one championship at a time.

Mike Dowling


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