Bruins, Red Sox, and Ortiz

Patrice Bergeron’s locker was one of the few empty ones at Bruins practice today. Let’s not try to fool ourselves-he is not going to play the rest of this year and reallly why should he? Is he going to help the Stanley Cup? and isn’t that THE only reason that you would play him?

It was a strong performance by the B’s in Game 3, but the way things were going in OT, they were fortunate to pull it out.

Now to the Red Sox…I’m sure you’ve all seen the footage of the unearthing of David Ortiz’s jersey below the new Yankee Stadium, buried there by a well meaning Red Sox fan who may be prosecuted for the stunt. (but burying a body -see Hoffa, J- under an athletic venue in the tri-state area –Meadowlands, is alright?

This bizarre effort by a Red Sox fan which he hoped would bring bad luck to “Yankee World” instead brought a curse to the very player whose jersey was buried. Have you seen Big Papi’s attempts at hitting the ball this year? He looks like someone is sticking pins in his voodoo doll with just 3 hits in 43 at bats (0 for his last 17, but who’s counting?).

I’m here to tell you that now that Big Papi’s jersey has been found so too will his swing.

The Big Papi curse is over- His Kryptonite was buried when his torn and tattered jersey (replicating his hitting) was dug up. This week in Cleveland-Ortiz will start hitting, and the Yankees reaction?-Curses! 


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  1. Don’t you think the guy who buried the Ortiz jersey at Yankee stadium should have waited until construction was completed before telling anyone? Then they would not have been able to dig it up.

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