Madness At The Garden

Let me preface this by saying I’ve never been much of a hockey fan, despite spending my early years at Albany Academy, a “hockey factory”/school (where they put you in skates before they put you in class) and growing up near RPI (the college that produced Joe Juneau and Adam Oates, among others).

That said, I’m being converted (and educated) by a raucous crowd here at the Garden for Game 6 between the Bruins and Canadiens. It’s almost like a college game, where the visiting team has it’s own section (pretty much the entire goal zone beneath the Bruins banners) that is very nearly drowning out the home fans.

That has led to some entertaining exchanges between the fans, who are booing EVERY time the other team touches the puck. Add to that some big hits, great saves, a fight, and two breakaway goals and you have an exciting hockey game.

Phil Kessel, seemingly banished by Coach Claude Julien, has ressurrected himself here. Hey, you have to score to win games, so it was only a matter of time before the light hitting (yet high scoring) Kessel made his way back into the lineup. He was all alone against Montreal goalie Carey Price and took him one on one early in the second period to tie the score at 1.

Montreal got it back a few minutes later when Tomas Plekanec, just released from the penalty box, found the puck in his lap, and beat Tim Thomas. It was awfully close. Makes you wonder who controls the door… what if he kicked his way out (I kid, I Kid)?

Speaking of things I don’t understand, why are the Bruins Ice Girls never on the ice? Can we do something about that? Might as well call them the Stands Girls or something (UPDATE – they proved me wrong by making their way on to the ice for a promotion during the 2nd intermission). At least they are giving out hockey hankies tonight instead of the dreaded thundersticks, which seem to have disappeared after only one game.

Another thing that mystifies me… the Canadian advertising on the boards. I know baseball teams with Japanese players do it… but this just doesn’t feel right. There are spots for a Canadian radio station, pizza chain, and airline. Come on local advertisers, step up! Fill those boards (and buy more time on Channel 5 too – hint)!

A lot of shots late in the second period, but no lighting of the lamp. Second period comes to an end with the score Montreal 2, Bruins 1. We’ll check back in after the game with more.



One Response

  1. LOL, great recap, I can’t believe it’s going to game 7!!!!! I’m pretty excited about it, nothing like a good Habs/Bruins series!!

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