In Pursuit of Perfection

No, I (or the Celtics) believe that the Celtics are going to go thru the post season without a loss. ..and really who cares if you’re perfect, as long as you manage to win your last game of the post season (right Patriots?)

The “Pursuit of Perfection” I’m talking about concerns the Celtics 22 year old (he would be a senior at the University of Kentucky this year) point guard Rajon Rondo, who has played virtually flawlessly so far this post season and something he told me after Wednesday night’s game two 19 point win over Atlanta.

After he finished his round of interviews, I pulled him aside and jokingly mentioned that his game was slipping since he went from game one’s total of no turnovers (which is remarkable for any point guard, much less one playing his 1st ever playoff game), to committing one turnover in game 2. His reply is what caught me a little off guard. He was very disappointed that he committed that one turnover and replayed the circumstances of that turnover (an errant pass in the last half minute of the 1st quarter). He said-in all seriousness, that he wanted to go through the entire series without a turnover and casually mentioned that he now looked forward to accomplishing that in the next playoff series.

Now, I love the fact that Rondo has such high expectations but I am a little concerned that he is ready to deal with the reality of the situation, and the reality is that no individual turnovers by a point guard for entire playoff series just doesn’t happen(at least not yet). Not by Magic, or John Stockton or the Cous. Unfortunately turnovers are going to happen to the very best, and it gets tougher on the road which is where Rondo and his teammates will be Saturday night in Atlanta for game 3. And we’ll all be watching the stat sheet for turnovers committed by Rondo, or not.


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