Rondo Brings It

Crossover dribble into a 3-point shot? Rajon Rondo ate his Wheaties today!

The Hawks are staying in it though, only down 10 with :57 to go.

And now we have trouble… Al Horford (wonder if he had dinner with Big Papi again?) nailed Kevin Garnett under the basket… KG is taking awhile to get up. Now he’s up, and walking it off. And there it is: flagrant 1 foul on Horford (not an automatic ejection). Garnett gets his wind back and nails both foul shots.

Celtics get the ball back, and a scramble for a loose ball ends with Ray Allen drilling a 3 and the crowd ERUPTS. Wow, it is loud. Naoko from our sister station WMUR is saying something to me, but all I see are lips moving. Seriously.

And it gets even louder as Paul Pierce puts the shimmy on Josh Childress and drains a jumper a la Jordan in his face… 58-43 Celtics at the half!


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