Celts Big 3: Posey,Cassell and Perkins Win It

No, I haven’t forgotten about Kevin Garnett’s 28 points including his huge basket with 21 seconds to go (but isn’t that what 24 million a year should get you). But compare the supposed Big 3’s (KG, Pierce and Ray Allen) numbers-32 points,17 rebounds and $56 Million in combined salary, with those of Posey, Cassell and Perkins-28 pts,16 rebounds and $7.8 Million total salary (yeah that’s right 7 million TOTAL) and the latter big 3 certainly produced more bang for the buck.

I’ve got to give credit to Ray Allen for facing the music afterwards and not hiding in the training room as he came out and patiently and politely answering all of the media’s questions after putting up a bagel, the 1st non scoring game for him in over 11 years. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I do expect him to at least score in the next game (probably about 16 points).

While Sam Cassell scored 10 of his 13 points in the 4th quarter,including 2 huge 3’s, Kendrick Perkins helped keep the Celts in it with 10 points, including 2 huge buckets in the 3rd quarter to go along with 12 rebounds.

But it was 31 year old James Posey who may have been the most valuable of last night’s big 3. Posey, who has won the most recent NBA title 2 years ago with the Heat of anyone on the Celtics, showed his teammates the kind of grit it takes to win a title with defense and clutch shooting. His 2 3 pointers were critical but not as much as his stifling defense on LeBron James, who in case you missed it, missed 16 of his 18 shots.

And in case you still don’t agree with my “real big 3” assertion of last night, don’t forget the most important stat- Championship rings- 3 for Posey, Cassell and Perkins, none for the other guys, so far.


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