Fireworks in Cleveland

There will definitely be fireworks going off during tonight’s Celtics-Cavs game 3, literally. The Cleveland Indians play a home game an hour earlier at Progressive (formerly Jacobs) Field which is literally less than 100 yards away from the site of the tonight’s Celts game (Quicken Loans Arena) and have promised fans a fireworks display after tonight’s game. ABC (and channel 5) may not have a camera on the fireworks but Celts fans hope that the arena will be quiet enough that you’ll be able to hear them…I saw and heard them last night from my hotel room.

The Celtics bigger concern is to prevent the Cavs from putting on a non-pyrotechnic fireworks display of their own tonight in Game 3 and LeBron James is the one holding the lighter to the Cavs fireworks. Paul Pierce told me today he is going to spend his last few minutes in the locker room before tonight’s game visualizing how he is going to play and his 1st visualization is playing defense on LeBron.

It’s going to be loud tonight here in Cleveland at the “Q” and every single Celtic I talked to told me today that one of the big keys to tonight’s game is a fast start that will help deflate some of the pre-game excitement that will exist. If they don’t deflate, and LeBron helps inflate-it could be a very ugly fireworks display consisting mostly of LeBron dunks and louder ovations that any real fireworks would sound.

By the way, Cavs starting center Ben Wallace is doubtful for tonight’s game due to the diziness and an inner ear infection that limited him to just 4 minutes in game 2.

And if you’re wondering if LeBron is getting sick of hearing (and talking) about his 17 turnovers and 19% (8-42) shooting performance so far this series, he did not talk to the media yesterday.



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