Commissioner Goodell Speaks

12:28 pm…

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is at the podium describing his meeting with Matt Walsh right now, here are the highlights:

Thanked Matt for coming

Walsh was responsive and well-prepared

Confirmed details of Walsh’s activities with the Patriots

Able to verify there is no tape of the Rams walkthrough at Super Bowl XXXVI

Walsh does not know of anybody who has such a tape

Considers $750,000 fine to be enough, leaning toward no further punishment

Now taking questions:

Doesn’t know who else he can talk to about this after Matt Walsh and 50 other interviews, but would not say “case closed”

Walsh said he kept tapes of drills, etc. because he was considering going into coaching. Wanted tapes for resume purposes to show he did work for Patriots

Walsh said his tapes were not used during games

Walsh would take tapes, mark them, and hand them off to Ernie Adams

Walsh did not want to be a part of this publicly, wanted to be consistent, said dozens of media came to him in Hawaii

Goodell didn’t know about Matt Walsh until Friday before the Super Bowl

Goodell doesn’t anticipate any further sanctions against the Patriots

It was clear taping was not an isolated incident with the Patriots, because there were multiple tapes

Patriots attorney was present at today’s meeting, no plan to reach Robert Kraft, but he will talk to him

“I’m pretty well on the record here, I didn’t accept Bill Belichick’s explanation of what happened, and I still don’t.”

Patriots video coordinator Jimmy Dee gave Matt Walsh his instructions most of the time, Ernie Adams also did on occasion

Walsh never had contact with Belichick, described him as “the man behind the curtain”

Have to make sure integrity of the game is respected by all 32 clubs

Doesn’t think taping of coaches signals is that widespread around the league

Allegations that Walsh and other Patriots assistants were scalping tickets at Super Bowls will be investigated…

And that’s it at 12:56 pm.


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