Matt Walsh’s Moment Of Truth

Mike Lynch just phoned in to let us know that Matt Walsh’s meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has ended.

Around 10:45 Walsh emerged from NFL Headquarters on Park Avenue in Manhattan flanked by his attorney Michael Levy. Walsh stood silently behind Levy as the attorney made this brief statement:

“Mr. Walsh is pleased to have been able to assist the National Football League in its investigation of the New England Patriots videotaping practices. Senator Arlen Spector has waited quite a while to meet with Mr. Walsh and we are heading immediately to Washington, D.C. for an appointment this afternoon with Senator Spector. Out of respect for Senator Spector, neither Mr. Walsh nor I will speak with the media prior to meeting with the Senator.”

Levy and Walsh then climbed into a limo and took off for LaGuardia Airport. Walsh, who appeared nervous and scared, did not make a sound during the entire scene.

The press corps is now across the street at the Intercontinental Hotel, where the league is showing the tapes that Walsh turned over on giant video screens. The first tape to be shown was Patriots at Dolphins from September 25, 2000. It’s pretty much what you’ve heard… you see the coach make a signal, edited to the play itself, and then back to the coach. The league then showed the Miami game from October of 2001, then the AFC Championship Game against Pittsburgh in 2002, and now San Diego from September of 2002.


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