Rondo Outplays LeBron

Wait a second, LeBron James scored 35 points so how in the world can I say Rajan Rondo outplayed LeBron? How about this simple statistic- Rondo’s 13 assists along with his 20 points makes him directly responsible for 46 points. LeBron’s 35 points along with 5 assists makes him responsible for 45 points. You do the math. (and if you must have more statistical evidence-LeBron missed 13 shots, Rondo missed just 6. LeBron had 4 turnovers to just 1 for Rondo. Rondo 2-3 from 3 point land, LeBron 0-5. Enough?)

LeBron’s 23 1st half points were impressive, but in the critical 3rd quarter when the game was pretty much decided LeBron went 1-4 for 2 points, while Rondo was 3-4 for 6 points and 2 assists helping the Celtics turn a 3 point halftime deficit to a 12 point lead near the end of the quarter.

For the Celtics to now win a road game, Rondo is going to have to play very near this level because one of the supposed “Big 3”, Ray Allen, is stuck in mediocrity-last night hitting just 4 of 11 shots for 11 points, which is his average this series. Wally Szczerbiak is averaging nearly 14 pts a game. Ouch!

So can the Celts actually win Friday night’s game 6 on the road? They certainly haven’t given us any reason to think so. Home teams in this round of the NBA’s playoffs are now 19-1.

So today it’s off to Cleveland’s Ritz Carlton, again, for the Celtics that is. Maybe they should stay at the Residence inn like this humble reporter. My trip to Cleveland last weekend was very successful.



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