Taking It To The Half

The so-called experts say you always want to be within 10 points of the home team at halftime to have a chance of winning. I’d say the Pistons have that covered.

I have never seen a more calm and collected team (save for the occasional ‘Sheed whining).

They are methodically working their way through the Celtics defense to score points in the paint and from long range, and doing enough on defense to keep the Celtics from outgunning them.

Every time the crowd gets pumped, the Pistons do something to quiet them down. The refs aren’t helping either. There have been some questionable calls so far, but they seem to be going both ways.

Surprisingly, it’s Antonio McDyess leading the charge with 10 points and 7 rebounds.

Almost a big moment at the end of the half, as Rondo took a pass down low and elevated for a dunk, but he back rimmed it as the clock expired.

41-40 Celtics at halftime… we have ourselves a game!


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