Crunch Time

And the Pistons are thriving. Rodney Stuckey (is he Vinnie Johnson reincarnated?) and Rasheed Wallace put down turnaround jumpers to put Detroit up 11 with 10:15 to play in the 4th. After a Pierce jumper, Stuckey again took it to the hole for 2. He’s killing Posey right now. 84-73 Detroit. Here come KG and Allen back into the game.

(6:55 to play) Random stat: second chance points: Celtics 18 Pistons 6… Definitely true, Garnett and Perkins were cleaning a lot of glass early, while Detroit has been draining short jumpers for most of the second half. It looks like Lucky’s Dunk Show has been shelved. It’s usually inbetween the 3rd and 4th quarters, but it’s been showing up in the first half during the playoffs. The mats were out earlier in the third, but now they have been put away in favor of the t-shirt toss.

And thank you Vince Wilfork! Tom Brady has been trying to avoid detection, refusing to wave to fans during Game 7 against Cleveland… but this time, Wilfork kept poking Brady in the arm until finally he acknowledged the fans. Of course, with Patriots passing camp ending today, this may be the last we see of Brady the Globetrotter for awhile.

(4:00 to play) Ray Allen is in the building! He’s scored the last 5 points and finally seems to be back on track as the Celtics creep back into this. Rajon Rondo is dangerously close to a triple double, with 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. Garnett, Pierce, and Allen have all gone for at least 22 and it’s a 2 point game, 92-90 Detroit.

Time out here as we move downstairs. More after the game!

And we’re back. Well, home anyway. Detroit walked out of the Garden with exactly what they wanted, a split. The deal was sealed by a fantastic inbounds play that saw Chauncey Billups all alone under the hoop to take the pass and make a layup that put the Pistons up 4 with seconds to play.

Now the Celtics are in a position where they HAVE to win on the road, in one of the most hostile stadiums in the league (get ready to hear a lot of “Deeeeeeeeetroit Bassssssketballlllll!”). 8:30 start only on Channel 5, but we’ll be on the air at 7:30 live from the Palace to get you ready. Jo Jo White, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson will be among the guests joining us leading up to game time.


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