Fired Up

Alleged SuperFan Maria Menounos is here sitting courtside as we start the third quarter… and what a start! Ray Allen scored on the first possession, and then Paul Pierce drained a three to close within 2. The crowd is alive and we have a game on our hands!

(8:34 to play in the 3rd) Timeout Detroit! Ray Allen seems to have found his stroke, draining a smooth jumper. After a Detroit miss, KG tipped one in to tie the game at 54. Gary Glitter is playing and the crowd is dancing (even Robert Kraft, just a little bit).

(7;07 to play in the 3rd) It’s deja vu all over again as the Pistons just came out of halftime looking completely lost. They are disjointed on offense, and a suddenly hot Ray Allen is sinking jumpers. 58-54 Celtics and this one could get away from Detroit very quickly.

(4:37 to play in the 3rd) Billups and Wallace helped Detroit retake the lead with a pair of 3’s. Then Perkins fouled Billups on a drive which got Rondo fired up for some reason, and the usually even tempered guard got slapped with a T. Mr. Big Shot made all three shots to put Detroit up 66-60.

(3:23 to play in the 3rd) Wallace just popped Rondo on a drive to the hoop. The crowd wants a flagrant, but it was a clean, hard foul, especially in the playoffs. Rajon knows he’s going to take shots like that when he goes to the hole. No damage anyway, because he made both free throws. 66-64 Detroit.

This could be a bad sign for the Celtics. The Pistons have weathered the post-halftime rush, nailing midrange jumpers and getting tough rebounds on the other end. A Rasheed Wallace 3 pointer at the end of the 3rd was a backbreaker. It’s 78-69 Detroit after 3, and it looks like the crowd is going to have to root the Celtics back into this one.


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