Hall Of Shame

(8:41 to play in the half) Shots are starting to rim out for the Celtics as a bizarre unit gets a run (Big Baby, PJ Brown, Allen, Rondo, and Posey). The Pistons are also hustling for loose balls and starting to assert themselves. 23-20 Detroit as we go to a timeout. New feature from CelticVision, Bad Dancing Hall of Fame, sounds good in theory but didn’t get such a big reaction from the crowd. Points in the paint (my favorite statistic for some reason) are tied at 8.

(7:00 to play in the half) I love it when players are aware of where they are on the court. Lindsay Hunter had the presence to know he was on the line and stepped back to drain a 3, and then James Posey did the same thing. We’re tied at 27.

(5:55 to play in the half) Hey Rodney Stuckey, I think your head is in the front row. He just got rejected by Garnett on a breakaway dunk and may have been posterized. However, a McDyess layup and the foul gave Detroit a 32-27 lead, I believe the biggest lead of the game.

(4:11 to play in the half) Some questionable blocking calls on Posey and Pierce have Rasheed Wallace smiling and the crowd chanting you know what. This has not been a well-called game by Steve Javie and crew. Pistons lead 38-33.

(1:42 to play in the half) Mr. Big Shot strikes, hitting a 3 as the shot clock expires. Despite the Celtics energy, the Pistons are controlling the flow of this game, getting more loose balls and rebounds, and keeping Billups and his injured hamstring from having to overexert himself. Detroit is leading 50-43 at the half. Let’s see if the Celtics can come out fired up enough to change the pace of this one and run the Pistons off the floor (which is what they should be doing).


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