Teed Up

(7:18 to play in the 1st) BINGO! Rasheed Wallace has finally been called for a technical foul (his specialty), probably because Kevin Garnett took him to school the last two trips down the floor. But the crowd isn’t too happy because Ray Allen just got called for a tacky foul on Rip Hamilton. 10-6 Celtics.

(4:16 remaining in the 1st) Chauncey Billups looks like he’s moving around better, but the Pistons are still keeping him on Allen, with Hamilton guarding Rondo (presumably to prevent UConn on UConn violence). Allen is making Billups work, attacking the hoop every time he touches the ball. I guess that’s how you get going when the jumper isn’t falling. Big hustle play from Rondo as we head into a timeout, diving for a loose ball and throwing it off Hamilton so it bounced out of him. 14-10 Celtics.

(3:52 remaining in the 1st) Not a good possession out of the time out, as Rondo passed up an open shot (for the 3rd time), and this time, there was no Pierce or Garnett to bail him out, so we get a 24-second violation. The Pistons close to within two on a ridiculous pick and roll by Billups to McDyess. The Celtics were totally fooled. A Rip Hamilton runner and we’re tied at 14-14 approaching the 2:00 mark.

(1:45 remaining in the 1st) Rude welcome to the game for Eddie House, who was called for a touch foul as Chauncey Billups shot a three, and took a sneaker to the groin to boot. Mr. Big Shot sank two of three free throws to tie the game at 16.

First quarter ends with the Celtics up 20-18… the Pistons are looking a lot better than they did Tuesday, so we should have a good one on our hands!


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