Celtics Rest On Off Day

It is nothing new that the Celtics cancelled their workout today in favor of  a relatively short film session and walk-through at their posh Townsend Hotel in swanky Birmingham, Michigan. 

No, there is no gym here at this hotel, the walk-through took place in one of the small ballrooms after which they greeted us for the most enjoyable media session in some time since all they really talked about was last night’s 1st road playoff win of the year.

By the way, anybody seen the Pistons, who seem to disappear every other game? Even Doc Rivers admitted today that the Pistons had some pretty good shots but they just missed them. (If you find the Pistons don’t send them back to Auburn Hils for another week) But give the credit for withstanding the Pistons 13-0 run which gave Detroit a 17-15 lead. The Celtics, 4 subs and Paul Pierce, answered the Piston run with a 14-2 run of their own with the subs- Posey, Cassel, PJ Brown, and Big Baby scoring all 14 points. If that trend continues, the Celtics could win this whole thing.

Tonight on SportsCenter 5 OT – Ray Allen’s secret to a good night’s sleep. You are going to like this one.



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