Sticks Everywhere Part III

Big insurance goal for Syracuse right off the bat in the 4th by #10 Kenny Nims, his second of the game.

The Orange fans in the crowd can smell that title, louding chanting “Let’s Go Orange!” and cheering every big hit. There are a lot of orange shirts in the crowd that say “We’re back!” in reference to the rebound from last year’s disappointing 5-8 effort.

A note about the field… the groundskeepers told us they used green food coloring to cover up the football and soccer markings on the field. You can still see them, though. It looks like someone hit the field with an eraser.

Cue up the Zombie Nation – Syracuse just scored again … Brenden Loftus’ second goal of the game, putting the Orange up 12-8 with 8:25 to play. Time out Johns Hopkins!

And there’s my hometown boy — Delmar, New York’s Mike LeVeille scores right out of the box, the Orange’s second goal in just TEN seconds. It’s 13-8 Syracuse and it’s starting to get rowdy here at the Razor.

After a 30 second penalty on Syracuse, Paul Rabil comes back with his 5th goal of the game on the E.M.O. (extra man opportunity, see I’m learning) to end a long scoring drought and pull the Blue Jays within 4.

Wow — record attendance today. 48.970, largest in NCAA Lacrosse history, and largest outdoor attendance for any championship game in NCAA history (not counting BCS football games for some reason)! 145,828 people attended during the entire weekend, breaking the record set last year by about 300 people. Good thing they are coming back next year!

This Paul Rabil kid can play. He just scored his SIXTH goal of the game to make it a 13-10 game, a man down goal. Ties Rabil for the second most goals in a championship game. The record is 7. Rabil is the 6th player to have scored 6 in a title game.

Syracuse is playing stifling defense right now as we approach 1:00 remaining. The goalie Galloway is pumping his fist after every play, including a great save he just made about 20 seconds ago. The “Let’s Go Orange!” chants are getting really loud now.

Good to see Dr. Daryl Gross in attendance. The Syracuse Athletic Director is public enemy #1 in Central New York right now for the failures of the football program under his watch. As one Syracuse reporter told me, “this is the closest he’s ever going to get to a championship trophy.” Hard to argue, John Desko has been the coach there forever, and Dr. Daryl didn’t have much to do with the growth and success of the program.

And that’s it! Syracuse has become the first Division I lacrosse program to win the national title TEN TIMES. 13-10 is the final. Mike LeVeille is your most outstanding player. The players are mobbing each other near the far goal, hosting the National Championship trophy high above their heads. After the hugging was complete, there was a postgame handshake between the teams. Time to go down on the field… more pictures coming later!


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