Sticks Everywhere

Welcome to Gillette Stadium for a purely personal venture, as my beloved Syracuse Orange (class of ’99) are taking on Johns Hopkins for the NCAA Lacrosse Championship.

Do not let my bias fool you, these are the premier teams in college lacrosse. Both schools are vying for what would be their 10th championship overall (yeah, there are dynasties at work here) and if Hopkins wins, they would repeat as champions. This is a big comeback year for Syracuse, who finished last year at a disappointing 5-8.

I don’t know much about lacrosse, but I’m figuring out “man up” and “man down” situations, penalities, and such. By the way, this is Bill Belichick’s real favorite sport. Coach is here, along with Tedy Bruschi.

Unlike the semifinal against Virginia, Syracuse hasn’t needed a huge comeback yet. The Orange are trading goals with the Blue Jays, including a goal from Danny Brennan, a senior playing in his 59th and final game… and that was his FIRST goal!

As the second quarter ticks down, Syracuse takes a 6-5 lead on a 100 mile per hour fastball from #22 Danny Hardy. And that’s the score at halftime.

Well, you learn something new everyday. I always believed that Syracuse retired the legendary #44 (Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Derrick Coleman among others) in all sports. But my former colleague Kevin Maher tells me it’s just for football, so midfielder Steven Brooks wears it for the Orange now. Interesting that there could be a 44 for basketball, but no one has stepped up to wear it. In lacrosse, #22 is the historic number, worn by Gary Gait (now the Syracuse women’s lacrosse coach) and all three Powell Brothers (including the ever popular Mikey, now playing for YOUR Boston Cannons).

Nice touch, the 1983 National Champion Orangemen are being honored on the field right now on the 25th anniversary of their title win… they beat Johns Hopkins 17-16 for the title back then.

Back after halftime!


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