Angry Perk!

Everybody’s favorite big man already has a double double (1o points and 10 rebounds) with 5:40 to play in the half. It’s a good thing he’s back in too, because PJ Brown was getting lit up by Maxiell and Wallace. Doc mercifully gave him the hook after Tayshaun Prince put one down in his face. The Pistons are really racking up the dunks here, which is not par for the course when the NBA Defensive Player of the Year is on the floor. 38-35 Detroit… timeout on the floor.

(3:11 remaining in the 2nd) Well, that was fast. Back to back threes by Pierce and Allen (on a sick looking pull up) have helped the Celtics regain the lead. 44-42. Allen looks like he’s trying to be more aggressive tonight, and as long as the shots are falling, that’s a good thing.

(1:10 remaining in the 2nd) That was ridiculous. With the shot clock about to expire, Garnett launched a prayer that hit glass and went in. Insane circus shot. ‘Sheed matched him down the floor with a 3 of his own. A few plays later, Perk rejected Rip Hamilton on a layup and then had words for him coming back up the floor. Easy big fella, don’t give a guy who’s won a lot more than you a reason to get mad and fired up.

A late run in the second quarter by the Celtics has pushed back Detroit for now. 52-46 as we head into the halftime break. I would say that’s too close for comfort if you are the Celtics, and a bit disappointing if you are Detroit, considering they controlled the game most of the way.


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