Breezing Through the Third

(10:49 remaining in the 3rd) The Celtics just went up 10 on a beautiful back door pass from Garnett to Pierce for the layup. The Celtics are starting to get some calls and Detroit is having a hard time getting into their offense. James Posey seems to be coming onto the court a lot cheering and bantering with Rasheed Wallace. I wonder how long the referees are going to let that continue. 56-46 Boston.

(7:21 remaining in the 3rd) Big 3 by Ray Allen to put the C’s up 12. But I can’t get over the game Kendrick Perkins is having. 16 points, 16 rebounds right now. When he is in the game, the Celtics are dominating the paint. With only 1 foul, it really makes you wonder why Doc left PJ Brown in for so long. Another 3 by Ray Allen (where has this been?) makes is 68-54 with 6:50 to play.

(2:50 remaining in the 3rd) Can a 12-point lead not be safe? I don’t think so but the crowd still seems a little nervous. The rejuvenated Ray Allen is keeping the Celtics up in this one despite the best efforts of Rodney Stuckey and Chauncey Billups. Time out with 1:55 left and the Celtics up 77-65… if I say we’re going back to Detroit with a chance to clinch, will I jinx it?


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