Fighting To The Finish

(1:19 remaining in the 3rd) After another 3 by Ray Allen, a Celtics steal leads to a scary sight: Big Perk leading the break! Thankfully, he was fouled, and made both free throws. Even though Posey was wide open on the wing, you just knew there was no way Perkins was giving up that ball. He now has 18 points and 16 rebounds. Quite possibly his best game as a pro. 83-67 Celtics. Is that Gino I sense?

(9:48 remaining in the game) Big 3 by James Posey to quell a mini-run by the Pistons that had brought them within 8. I still don’t get why Perkins isn’t on the floor. He’s not in foul trouble and he’s playing out of his mind. Kevin Garnett is making my point moot by drilling a jumper after a Pistons offensive foul. But Rip Hamilton comes right back with a 3 to make it 91-81 Celtics.

OK, 6:42 to go, and the Hoosiers speech is on (91-83 Celtics). I’m a bit nervous about some technical issues so it’s time to head downstairs. Look for a wrapup after the game!


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