Rip-In, Rondo-Restless

Not that it should come as a surprise to anyone (except Bill Belichick, who would have never released this kind of info until the very last second)- Rip Hamilton has pronounced himself ready to go for tonight’s game 6, tho maybe not quite 100%.

I saw him at practice this morning where he was shooting around a little trying to work out the kinks from his right arm. He had his elbow bent back at the tail end of game 5 when he was nearly choking Ray Allen (hey, that’s what he gets). Pistons coach Flip Saunders said that Rip will shoot lefty if that’s what he needs to do to get up shots. He’s probably as hurt as Chauncey Billups was last game from his supposed sore hamstring. Billups had 26 points.

Meanwhile on the Celtics front, Rajon Rondo told me today that last night he started to feel some jitters for tonight’s game and wanted  to play it asap, but still managed to sleep well. He, along with most of the Celtics, last night watched the Lakers celebrate winning the Western Conference which hit home as to what the Celtics are so close to doing here in the East.

Kendrick Perkins still sounded like the kid from Denton, Texas showing no ill affects of the other night when the ghost of wilt Chamberlin took over Perkins body for a 18 point, 16 rebound performance. Celtic fans can only hope that Wilt/Perk has a few more encore perfoermances in him/them.


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