3’s Company

The Celtics always seem to do this… coming out strong in the third. Incredible 3-pointer by Paul Pierce, who pump faked Radmanovic into the air, drew the contact, and banked in a three. He nailed the foul shot for a rare four point play that gave the lead back to the Celtics. But you cannot count out Kobe, who came right back with a jumper. Pierce looks to be coming alive though, nailing another J to make it 54-53 Celtics.

(6:49 to play in the 3rd) The Garden is silent after Paul Pierce went down hard and was seen clutching his knee. Now a “let’s go Paul” chant has started up, but the Captain is still on the ground. He was just carried off the floor by trainers and teammates. You can see from the pictures he is covering his eyes and clutching that right knee. It was hard to see what happened on the play, but it does not look good for the Celtics or their Captain.

Of course, he’s RIGHT BACK OUT, Willis Reed style and the crowd is going nuts. Seriously, he was only gone for 2 minutes tops. Now he’s re-entering the game! Wild! 63-62 Celtics with 5:04 to play in the 3rd.


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