Kobe- Look Out

Where was Kobe Bryant in last night’s 4th quarter? 1 basket? In the entire quarter of a Finals game? and just 2 Free throws? You will NOT see that again! And to make matters worse-over the next few days Kobe will be asked about it, again, and again, and…

Kobe IS the league’s best player, and certainly it’s best scorer, but last night the Celtics vaunted defense forced him into a 9-26 performance, and THAT is reason #1 the Celtics won game 1. Don’t expect that to happen again( the 9-26, not a Celtics win).

Just a few weeks ago Bryant scored 49 points in the playoffs -true, it was against the defensive challenged (seriously challenged) Denver Nuggets, but 49 pts ARE 49 pts and Bryant is certainly capable of alot better performance than last night’s pedestrian 24 pts, even against the Celtics highly respected defense …remember a former Laker of the same size by the name of Baylor once lit up a highly respected defensive minded Celtics team for a playoff record 61 points in a finals game

What should concern Celtics fans just as much is if any of the Lakers outside shooters catch fire (personally I don’t think they will away from the friendly confines of the Staples Center)

My feeling is that this is going to turn into an old school Celtics Lakers Finals. The Celtics beef up front against the Lakers finesse. The celtics have proved that to be a pretty successful formula over the years.


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