Sam I Am

(7:50 to play in the half) Sam Cassell may truly be from another planet, but his arrival on Earth has been fortuitous for the Celtics in the second. He came out doing what Sam does best, shoot the ball. He’s racked up 6 quick points to help the Celtics hold on to a 32-29 lead.

(7:25 to play in the half) Interesting chant with Garnett at the line… MVP! MVP! MVP! Wonder how the real MVP feels about that? 34-31 Celtics.

(2:00 to play in the half) The Lakers have taken a 3-point lead behind veteran point guard Derek Fisher and the big Spaniard Pau Gasol. Gasol is just too fast for Perkins. I’m surprised the Celtics haven’t tried getting physical with the Lakers, who are more of a speed and finesse team. Boston certainly has the braun for it (although who knows how the refs are going to call it). 49-44 Lakers.

51-46 at the half. Quiet start for Kobe, only 8 points. It’s been all Derek Fisher (13) and Pau Gasol (12) so far. KG has 16 to lead the Celtics, Rondo 10. Paul Pierce has been a non-factor, which is not a good sign.


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