Perfect Pierce

Paul Pierce in the 1st Half: 20 minutes, 16 points, 3-3 from 3 point range, 5 assists. That’s a good game, let alone half.

(8:59 to play in the 3rd) Kobe is clearly ticked now, spiking the ball after a basket and drawing a technical. The team defense on him tonight has been incredible. When he does touch the ball, Ray Allen and sometimes Garnett are all over him. By the way, Pierce just nailed his 4th three pointer to give the Celtics a 62-46 lead with 8:20 to play. Methinks the (dearly departed) Gino may make an early appearance tonight.

(4:29 to play in the 3rd) The Celtics take a timeout as the Lakers start to show a little life. After Rondo was flagged for an offensive foul, the Lakers came down the floor and scored on a Gasol slam. He added a jumper and suddenly what was looking like a huge blowout is a 9-point game. Kobe still hasn’t been able to do anything, so if the Lakers are going to turn this game around, it’s Gasol and Odom (4 fouls) who are going to have to lead the charge.

(1:20 to play in the 3rd) Well, that timeout must have worked. The Celtics have completely shut down the Lakers since we last blogged. At one point, Lamar Odom and PJ Brown exchanged words, then Ray Allen hit a 3, and after Luke Walton missed, the Celtics came back down the floor for a Leon Powe alley oop. We have our 20-point lead (79-59), Rock and Roll Part II is playing, and it’s only a matter of time before Gino enters the building. (Oh look, Kevin Millar is here… were the Orioles off today?)


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