The Garden Is LOUD

(9:40 to play in the half) A three pointer by Paul Pierce has sent the Garden into a frenzy. If he’s really hurt, he’s doing a great job of hiding it. The dancers are out as we “bang the drum all day.” 30-22 Celtics.

(7:44 to play in the half) Somebody restrain Leon Powe! The second year forward just muscled his way up for two points and the foul, and then starting pounding his chest and roaring to the crowd. Not the type of reaction you would expect from the normally reserved Powe, who has quickly become a fan favorite for his workmanlike, lunch pail style of play. Big ovation for Leon when he came out for Perk with 6:07 to play. Celtics lead 38-32.

(5:50 to play in the half) Huge ovation for Jon Lester as he is honored at center court for being a “Hero Among Us.” Can you think of a better person to recognize?

(2:55 to play in the half) A Lakers run is shut down by back to back threes by Pierce and Allen. The building is literally shaking right now. 47-37 Boston.

And what a close to the half! Rajon Rondo with a slam, and then a big offensive rebound on the next possession. 54-42 Celtics at halftime… dare I say we’re going to LA up 2-0? Kobe has been a non-factor so far.


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