Hollywood Hills

Celebrity time on the big screen. Big pops for Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Dustin Hoffman (who starting smooching his ladyfriend), Stallone, Eddie Murphy, and of course, Jack Nicholson.

(2:02 remaining in the 3rd) Ray Allen is fouled taking a three point shot, leading to a horrible discovery. They have THUNDERSTICKS in LA! I thought this was a big league city! Come on people, you’re better than that. Allen, by the way, made all three, giving the Celtics a 61-56 lead. That’s 22 for Jesus Shuttlesworth.

The third quarter comes to an end with the Celtics up 62-60. But their offense is stagnating a bit, a lot of Ray Allen trying to take Sasha Vujacic off the dribble. Might be time to get Rondo back in this game. He came out early in the third and doesn’t appear to be injured.

Great moment by the way, in between quarters on the Kiss Cam. Of course, Hugh Hefner made an appearance and kissed both of his lovely ladies to a thunderous ovation.


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