Not Looking Good Now

(3:25 remaining in the half) The hot shooting of Sasha Vujacic and Kobe Bryant has pushed the Lakers to a 40-29 lead. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are ice cold, and the Celtics are struggling to score because of it.

(2:18 remaining in the half) Now it’s Kobe’s turn to get feisty, getting T’d up by Joey Crawford after fouling Ray Allen to stop a fast break. I just want to make note here of how high up we are (section 323). I wonder if it’s affecting internet and cell service (both crummy in these seats). Later, I’ll upload pictures showing what I’m talking about. There are three tiers of luxury boxes, pushing the cheap seats much higher than they are at the Garden. I wouldn’t be surprised if an airplane flew overhead Shea Stadium style. This place is HUGE. 41-33 Lakers.

BIG three by Ray Allen with 23 seconds to play. 43-37 Lakers at the half and the Celtics are lucky to have it that close. They can’t let the Lakers go on that kind of run again and expect to have a chance of winning this one.


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