Comeback Time

Let me just say, I can’t believe it’s true. Staples Center, like its predecessor the Great Western Forum, has a live band playing all game long. We saw them on the jumbrotron but can’t seem to find them in the crowd. How hard can it be to spot a drum kit? Taking me back to college and the Sour Sitrus Society…

Anyway, the Celtics are making a game of it here, finally attacking the basket (especially Paul Pierce). In the final minute of the third, Eddie House drained a 3-pointer (after KG deferred ANOTHER wide open shot) followed by 2 foul shots by Ray Allen and a BIG slam from PJ Brown, and all of a sudden it’s a 2 point game after 3!

Kiss cam time… No Hef in the building so Will Smith is bringing up the rear, planting one on his wife Jada, and then pretending to be wiped out.

Injury note: Kendrick Perkins was taken back to the locker room after suffering what appeared to be a shoulder injury. It looks like he has come back out to the bench.


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