It’s taken this long for me to digest what I saw at Staples Center last night. The Celtics, left for dead (trailing by 24 points at one time in the second quarter), staged a furious comeback and won Game 4 in front of a stunning crowd packed full of Lakers fans.

A lot of the media attention seemed focused on Paul Pierce after the game, but to me, Ray Allen played the best game of his life. Of course there are better statistical outings, but on this stage, Allen played all 48 minutes, scoring 19 (with 8 rebounds), including a backbreaking layup with 10 seconds left that gave the Celtics a 5-point lead.

After all of the grief Allen took from fans (and us) about his poor play against Atlanta and Cleveland, it’s great to see him back in the zone, especially when it counts like this.

As for the Lakers, wow. How do you recover from a collapse like that? They played NO defense in the second half. Kobe just took too long to take over the game. He must have thought they were fine, given that they ran up that first half lead without him making a single field goal. By the time he started taking it to the hoop and getting to the line, the damage had been done.

When you get a team on the ropes like this, you have to seal the deal as quickly as possible. There is no reason for this series to come back to Boston (as much as fans may want that to happen). I fully expect the Celtics to come out Sunday and deliver the killing blow to the Lakers title hopes.



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