L-A Confidential

The Locals here in L-A are burying the Lakers, which is not very strenuous since the Lakers themselves got a good start the other night at digging their own grave.

The L-A Times has now chronicled every collapse by a local team- Angels to the Red Sox in ’86 is right up there. Don’t try bringing up the 14 World titles the Lakers have won (3 in the last 7 years), it remains what have you done for me lately and lately- Thursday night- the Lakers blew a 24 point lead. Not nearly as much of the credit is given to the Celtics for coming back and taking game #4.

Doc Rivers gave his team yesterday off because they deserved it and could use the rest. Phil Jackson gave his team off because emotionally they needed it- how do you come back from that historic 24 point collapse?

The Celtics advantage over the Lakers in toughness is being chronicled as it should be. The Celtics displayed the heart of a champion on Thursday night while Lakers Phil Jackson was checking for any kind of a heartbeat from anyone on his team. Jackson actually told his team after the game that their hearts had been ripped out (maybe that’s why he couldn’t find a heartbeat)

Because of how this series has gone, The Celts seem to have a huge talent advantage over the Lakers. That’s true if heart and toughness is considered part of the talent package.

I think the Lakers will keep it close tomorrow, but the Celtics heart and toughness, I mean talent, will win out.


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