Finishing Off The Third

Of note as we start the third, PJ Brown is out in place of Leon Powe. Brown and Garnett both have 3 fouls.

Also of note… Kobe Bryant scored 14 points in the first quarter, and just one in the second.

(10:34 to play in the third) This game is TIED at 57! The Celtics just got three offensive rebounds on one play, ending with a Ray Allen three. Not a lot of toughness on the glass shown by the Lakers there.

(8:06 to play in the third) A noted effort on the part of the Lakers to go after Garnett (3 fouls). They are pounding the ball into the post to Gasol at every opportunity. About a minute later, they finally get what we think is the fourth foul on Garnett, as Gasol makes a wild layup… but the officials change course and give it to PJ Brown. Gasol makes the foul shot for a 65-62 Laker lead.

(5:00 to play in the third) Trouble brewing as the Lakers used some Celtics turnovers and an ill-timed foul by Rajon Rondo to leap back out in front 71-64. Rondo clobbered Derek Fisher as he launched a wild jumpshot (which happened to go in), electrifying this crowd (although its still not as loud as the Garden).

(2:31 remaining in the third) Kevin Garnett doesn’t do himself any favors when he passes up good looks (long the knock on him). He just did it again, getting the ball in the paint before Gasol could rotate down. Instead of going to the hoop, KG kicked it out to Cassell for a failed 3-point attempt. Then, on the trip back down the floor, KG picked up his 4th foul. 76-70 Lakers.

It’s 79-70 Lakers after three. In just a moment, the PA announcer will say “here… we… go” and we’ll see if the Celtics have one more run in them to clinch the title here in Los Angeles or if we have to come back to Boston for Game 6 Tuesday.


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