Making A Run

With Kobe on the bench, the Celtics reserves (including Tony Allen) have gone on a bit of a run to close to within 9 (43-32) with 9:00 to play in the half. Right now, Tony Allen, Pierce, Brown, Cassell, and Posey are on the floor, and Kobe just returned.

(7:37 to play in the half) Bad news for the Celtics, just as soon as he came back into the game, Kevin Garnett picked up his third personal foul (Hmmm… Dick Bavetta… Hmmm). PJ Brown is back, but he has three as well. And Paul Pierce just dunked on a fast break and had some words for the fans (they chanted “wheelchair” at him during a foul shot earlier). 43-36 Lakers.

(5:44 to play in the half) TV timeout here, and that’s a good thing for the ice cold Lakers. All of a sudden they can’t make anything, and they can’t get the ball to Kobe either. The Celtics defense, led by a high flying Tony Allen of all people, is tightening up, and Paul Pierce hit a big three to pull within 4.

(1:57 to play in the half) Double T’s on Ray Allen and Derek Fisher… not really sure why, they seemed to be jawing with each other after a light foul by Fisher, but it was nothing serious. 55-47 Lakers.

Amazing, Paul Pierce buries a three as the second quarter comes to a close to make the score 55-52 Lakers. The Celtics just weathered an incredible storm. For them to come back like that, with Kevin Garnett on the bench for most of the half, is a good sign. Paul Pierce took over the game in that quarter, and took Kobe out of it defensively. The second half can’t get here soon enough!


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