Trouble Brewing

The Lakers came out for the fourth on fire, behind a Jordan Farmar layup and a Lamar Odom three pointer. Timeout Celtics with 11:04 to play as the Lakers push their lead to 12, 84-72.

(8:35 remaining in the game) Oh boy, Sam Cassell just tied up Sasha Vujacic and hurled him to the ground. There was some polite discussion amongst the players while the crowd went bezerk… and strangely, the call was only for a jump ball. Vujacic had a three pointer go in and out, but they controlled the long rebound. Those balls the Celtics were getting to in earlier are now starting to bounce back towards the Lakers. 88-79 with 8:00 to play…

Time to head downstairs… let’s go Celtics… still a winnable game.

But the Celtics couldn’t get a bounce to go their way… Kevin Garnett missed two big free throws (with Ronny Turiaf tossing the towel around on the Laker bench, which should be a technical foul) and Paul Pierce was stripped by Kobe Bryant as the clock wound down, which led to a thunderous Kobe slam that clinched the game.

Now it’s back to Boston, where the Celtics will attempt to clinch the title in front of what is sure to be a raucous home crowd. Let’s get ready for one more!!!


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