Powe In The Paint

(8:37 to play in the half) Nothing gets this crowd going like Leon Powe getting some lunchpail points in the paint. He did just that, grabbing a pass, getting hit hard by Ronny Turiaf, and laying it in.

Doc Rivers snagged a technical a few minutes before this, probably arguing all of the touch fouls that have been called in this game. We’ll see if that comes into play later.

But all we want to know right now, is, whooooooooooooo wants a t-shirt! A little early for this. I don’t like taking popular in-game segments and moving them, such as Lucky’s Dunk Show and this. Keep this the way they are! No jinxes!

(6:50 to play in the half) Some hard work in the paint by Paul Pierce and Big Baby (seeing some time) lead to offensive rebounds which in turn lead to consecutive threes by Posey and House! 38-29 Celtics… timeout Lakers! It is thunderously loud in here right now… louder than I’ve heard at Fenway Park during the World Series… much louder than Gillette Stadium… oh wait, that’s because Bill Belichick just appeared on CelticVision.

Ray Allen update… he was poked in the eye, and just received a HUGE ovation as he walked back out on the court.


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