Ray In Trouble

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer, along with NKOTB’s Donnie Wahlberg have been spotted in the crowd. Bill Belichick and Theo Epstein are here too.

(4:20 to play in the 1st) Ray Allen just made a layup, but appeared to take a shot to the head (or poke in the eye) that sent him back to the locker room. Didn’t appear to be serious. We’ll keep you updated. 14-14.

Celebrity List!

John Henry
Tom Werner
Larry Lucchino
Theo Epstein

Celtics Alumni
John Havlicek
Jo Jo White
ML Carr
KC Jones
Tommy Heinsohn
Cedric Maxwell

Bill Belichick
Jonathan Kraft
Vince Wilfork
Wes Welker
Matt Cassell
Larry Izzo
Adalius Thomas
Ben Watson

Donnie Wahlberg
Ken Casey
Steven Tyler
Joey Kramer
James “Jimmy Jam” Harris

Leonardo DiCaprio
Ellen Pompeo
Bobby Farrelly
Peter Farrelly
Lenny Clarke

David Stern
Adam Silver
Dwayne Wade
Ron Artest
Jared Dudley

The quarter ends with a bang, literally, as KG stuffs home a PJ Brown pass. The crowd is on their feet as time expires… 24-20 Celtics.


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