Championship Parade was Great, but…

It’s time to bring back the Rally at City Hall Plaza. When celebrating championships, the Rally has given us the most memorable moments from Larry Bird telling Moses he can Eat ____ in 1981 to Bob Kraft ill advised (but hilarious) dance after the Pats 1st Super Bowl. Today’s parade was great, but cut it in half and let the players address the crowd and express their emotions. And Let them dance- now that’s entertainment.

Parades and rally’s aside- It’s take time to fully appreciate what the Celtics organization has accomplished because it is truly historic , having the biggest turnaround in NBA history end up with a championship. Danny Ainge pulled off 2 blockbuster deals. Ownership supported it paying a 7 Million dollar luxury tax after taking on the whopping salaries of Garnett’s 23M and Allen’s-16M, to go along with Pierce’s 17M.

Appreciate the effort of the teams supporting cast-22 year old Rajan Rondo and 23 year old Kendrick Perkins. Their improvement was remarkable. 2 of my favorites-James Posey, who added the critical toughness to this team, and 38 year old P-J Brown who came out of retirement to play a pivotal role in this championship run. Leon Powe and Eddie House, -Danny Ainge made all of the right moves, and Doc Rivers was the perfect coach to manage these personalities and egos.

Beating the Lakers was just the icing on the cake. Smug Phil Jackson humbled. MVP Kobe Bryant outplayed by Paul Pierce. It just doesn’t get any better.


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