Manny Being Mean?

Clearly there’s something in the air at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

First, Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon goes nuts over his demotion to the bullpen and starts choking GM Ed Wade (Chacon was then sent packing).

Then, this past weekend, Sean McAdam of the ProJo reports Manny got into an argument with travelling secretary Jack McCormick. On Saturday afternoon, Manny allegedly asked for 16 tickets to THAT NIGHT’S game in Houston. McCormick told Manny coming up with that many tickets so close to game time would be tough, Manny reportedly told him to “do his job,” and an argument broke out that ended with Manny shoving McCormick to the ground.

Terry Francona said yesterday that Manny did apologize to McCormick. But really, why did it happen in the first place? Baseball players are catered to in every facet of life. It’s the price teams (and we the fans) pay for their top flight performance on the field. But that does not give even the highest paid players on a team the right to abuse those privileges.

As for people who will chalk this up to “Manny Being Manny,” come on, the guy is an adult. This is the second altercation he’s been in this year (the other with teammate Kevin Youkilis over the first baseman’s perceived overreaction to making outs). Going after the team’s travelling secretary doesn’t look good no matter who is at fault. Manny definitely knows better. I’ll follow the journalism rule of threes and say this isn’t a “mean streak” just yet, but the normally laid back Ramirez is certainly showing a bit of a temper this year.

What do you think?



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