Hello Papi, Good Bye Manny

It really is so obvious if you take a minute to think about it.

While interviewing David Ortiz yesterday in Pawtucket and again observing his actions and interactions with everyone from his new minor league teammates to the overbearing media (yes, hard to believe, I’m afraid many of my colleagues are really quite annoying-but I think you know who I’m talking about), it is obvious. Ortiz gets it and Manny doesn’t, and never will, and hence , is on his way out of town, unfortunately.

Ortiz’s laid back nature (and oh yah-TALENT) is perfect for this rabid region. Yesterday, among over-anxious media eager to get his every word surrounding his 1st rehab start, Ortiz remained his casual laid back self, handling every question with his usual unflappable style (which is not always easy considering the normal amount of innane questions).  …in case you missed it Ortiz did homer last night and could be inserted into the Red Sox line-up tonight but will go thru his scheduled week-long rehab and rejoin the parent club next Friday against the Yankees.

Now, to Manny. Despite all of his indiocyncracies and, at times, childish behavior, I have really enjoyed Manny. Covering him hasn’t always been easy, but mostly entertaining. Manny’s talent has been well chronicled. He is, if he doesn’t shove over a media member, bound for the Hall of Fame, BUT at age 36, he makes too much money, WAY too much money and the Red Sox are not about to exercise the teams option to pay him another 20 million next season. And Manny’s not about to accept a pay cut here.

The naysayers will counter with “how do we replace Manny?”. Well, Manny’s days of 40 HRs (much less 30HRs) and 140 RBI (much less 130, or 120, or even 110) are long gone. and those 40 and 140 numbers are what got Manny $20M/yr. Looking to replace Mannny’s numbers?-take a look at J.D. Drew. Replacing J.D. Drew’s numbers is alot more realistic.

No question that The Red Sox will miss Manny on the field -he hit over .400 vs the Indians in last years ALCS. (but hit just .250 in the WS) But, they wll not miss his antics-on and off the field. It will be sad to say Adios to Manny, but start practicing- it is going to happen this coming off-season. (and hope that as a member of the Angels, he doesn’t help eliminate the Red Sox in the playoffs)


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