Leave Manny Alone, Pats 10th Practice

Can we all please put this Manny controversy( which quite frankly was ALOT of media speculation) behind us.

I’ve got to admit that I loved his comments the other night that the Red Sox will not trade him because they could never get equal value. He’s right. He is not going anywhere. If the Red Sox have a chance to get to the playoffs and advance in those playoffs, Manny must be in the line-up…and isn’t the bottom line winning? Yes it is.

Now to the Patriots, Rodney Harrison is finally off the Physically unable to perform list, and my newest favorite Patriot is running back Lamont Jordan who today answered an inaccurate question that misquoted someone with the response” I don’t believe most of what the media writes”. I like the chip on his shoulder because, unlike nasty Corey Dillon, Jordan made his comment with a smile on his face. Now let’s hope Jordan can be a valuable contributor on the field-I like his chances.

Other observations-

Rookie Cornerback Terrence Wheatley, who is very pleasant, seems unintimidated by this whole new experience. I think that means alot. I like it. They are going to need him to contribute to help fill in for the departure of Asante Samuel.

Another pleasant newcomer is linebacker Victor Hobson, another defender who the Pats are counting on to contribute.

Tomorrow is Andre Tippett day in Foxboro where fans will be given a chance to give Tippett, who is headed to Pro Football’s hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio this weekend, a send-off. More on that tomorrow.


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