Is Manny’s time in Boston over?

It’s getting ugly around Fenway park. More specifically the Red Sox, who with 4 errors in this one have now lost 5 of their last 6 at Fenway, where they had the Majors best home record. Tough to blame Manny for all of this, but some will -must be his bad karma permeating the team
Manny on this night was 0-3 (so was half the team-poor Varitek is hitting a shade over .150 over the last 5 games). So will Manny end his Red Sox career with a an o-fer. I don’t think so. As much as the Red Sox would love to unload Manny-they won’t do it for 60 cents on the dollar. And more importantly, if they did unload Manny-their chances to win anything goes out the window.

A nice touch by the Patriots today giving Andre Tippet a warm sendoff for his enshrinement into Pro Football’s Hall of Fame this Saturday in Canton, Ohio.
Tom Brady did not make it to practice today but Rodney Harrison and Randy Moss did. Even Mike Vrabel made an appearance in shorts.
The real highlight of the day was seeing former Patriot Joe Andruzzi at practice with his family. Joe has been battling Cancer and told me that he is feeling pretty good with everyuthing he has gone thru over the past year. Andruzzi was always one of the real good guys on this team and we wish him and his family good health and happiness.


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  1. Let the bum go.Hes starting to get on my nerves.If he can do better in another club,let him go.Then maybe they can commit 20 million dollars to a part-time ballplayer.

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