Manny departs Fenway

Manny’s final minutes at Fenway were alot like his 7 1/2 years here-as he was catered to until the very end.
At 10:30 pm he pulled into Fenway in his grey Mercedez sedan and about 20 minutes later pulled out with everything he could pack up in his car, or at least what every one of the Fenway workers on hand could load up into his car.
5 hours earlier at about 5:30 Manny pulled up in his white Mercedez station wagon/SUV at about and clubhouse boys came a running, cleaning out his locker, packing his belongings, and then filling up his car. Oh, did I mention getting his dry cleaning as well. But Manny actually helped unload a couple of boxes of bats (L-A has harder wood?). maybe that’s why he came back later, “oh Yah, my bats”
And when it was time to leave, another Red Sox enabler, I mean worker backed his car into the players parking lot so he could drive straight out. Meanwhile more Red Sox enablers closed the gate on the players parking lot to keep everyone there from actually seeing Manny (Hey Guys, Manny no longer works for the Red Sox, you don’t have to cater to his every whim like you have the past 7 1/2 years- no wonder he became worse and worse to deal with).
They opened the gate and Manny was gone, keeping his window up and spitting chewing tobacco into a bottle in his last drive out of Fenway, after 7 1/2 unforgettable years.


One Response

  1. Manny NOT being Manny anymore!!! Well, atleast one last time as he drove away spitting the tobacco. No class, I say. No class!!!
    So, how does everyone feel about Manny going to the LA Dodgers? I’m interested in feedback. I am breathing a sigh of fresh air. I say good riddance to someone who brought down the moral of the Red Sox but, more importantly, the game of baseball. It was about time that he move on especially after those horrible remarks to the press. I wish he had gone to the Yankees but, George Steinbrenner would have never wanted him. He wouldn’t put up w/ Manny’s shenanigans and also those dreadlocks. As much as I can’t stand the Yankees, I respect Steinbrenner for running a tight ship and making them keep their hair cropped and their attitudes to a minimum well, except for A. Rod and the Madonna escapade. Oh, to be in Boston. What a town!!!

    Red Sox fan for life without Manny being Manny in Boston!!!

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