Trade Manny For This?

     Is Pittsburgh’s soon to be 30 year old 2 time all star Jason Bay-22 HRs,64 RBIs,.282 avg., and 29 year old left handed relief pitcher John Grabow enough for Manny(20HRs,68 RBI,.299)? I have to say YES- that would continue to give the Red Sox a good chance to continue to win this season.
     BUT, it is going to require more and so are the Red Sox willing to also swap their top young shortstop prospect 24 year old Jed Lowrie for Pittsburgh’s 30 year old mediocre shortstop Jack Wilson .276 avg,,0 HRs,13 RBI,$6Mill?
     This is what Theo Epstein has been mulling over all night long. Either deal seems to make sense with Manny’s unhappiness but do you allow players to control when they want to be traded or do you care? During Manny’s “episodes”, we can sometimes forget how instrumental Manny has been to the Red Sox 2 world titles. He can carry a team line no other player can. That asset is a vey difficult one to ship out. By 4 O’clock we’ll find if that asset outweighs the bad Karma that Manny’s recent episodes may be creating with the Red Sox (did you see the team’s lackluster (4 errors) performance last night


One Response

  1. Just give Manny what he wants. Look how the Sox are playing now. All this Manny being Manny crap is hurting the Red Sox! Just trade him and lets get back to baseball, back to winning baseball.

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