Bay-good, Manny excellent

Pretty good 1st weekend in a Red Sox uniform for Jason Bay 4-11 (.364) with a clutch triple Friday night in the 12th inning and a home run on Saturday. He also scored 6 runs with an on base percentage of .533. THAT is why the Red Sox liked Bay so much- he looks at alot of pitches and gets on base which, of course, allows you to score more runs.

Meanwhile on the west coast Manny was being, well, Manny ( as well as being somebody else, like maybe Jacoby Ellsbury-2 infield hits???).Over the weekend Manny had 2 Home Runs, yesterday going 4-5 with 3 rbi, 2 runs scored and a Home run. He is hitting .615 (8-13) .His on base percentage is the same since Manny is not looking for walks these days, He is looking for Home Runs.

Manny is going to have a monster August and September. Just get used to it. The Red Sox will be very happy if Jason Bay( by the way, does he remind you of former Toronto Blue Jays 1st baseman John Olerud, who actually finished his career with the Red Sox) can continue at close to his present pace. And, the Red Sox would be very happy if rookie shortstop Jed Lowrie can continue to perform at his present level. He looks to be the Red Sox shortstop for the next 10 years, starting now!

The Red Sox MUST win 2 of 3 in Kansas City, and it would be helpful if they won all 3 against the 3rd worst team in the American league because Tampa is hosting the 2nd worst team in the Al-Cleveland, and the Yankees seem to be catching fire.

One last item and you heard it here first- Look out for the Minnesota Twins who the Red Sox may end up battling or the wild card spot.


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